Types of Mehndi : Designs from Different Regions

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applying mehndi or henna on different occasions similar to weddings and Eid festivity is a part of South Asian culture. There are several methods of applying henna. Some people use pointed belongings and apply henna by dipping it in the paste. Some people use henna tubes but the most popular and best method of applying mehndi is by using henna cones. Henna cones are easier and suitable to use and they are also less muddled so they are preferred most of the times.
One can easily make henna cones by using a cello sheet (it should be thick so it retains its shape after you put henna paste in it), a plum bob a spoon (or something with the help of which you can easily decant mehndi into the cone); scotch tape and a pair of scissors.
Cut the cello sheet in rectangular shape. Start downfall it in the shape of cone from one corner. Slowly fold it in the shape of a cone, leaving one side open and other completely closed (a funnel shape). Another easy way of making a funnel shape is to place a plum bob on the cello sheet. Roll the paper over it in a round shape and a conic shape with a perfect tip will be ready within seconds. Put a piece of scotch tape so it won’t move, or slip from its place.

Mehndi Designs

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