Skin Tips

Skin Tips1

a) Drink lot of water and eat less calorie foods even ice creams and cold drinks, shakes should be avoided and wash your face daily at least four times.
b) Apply mixture of sandal powder, neem powder and multan multani matti powder and mix it with rose water and apply daily let it remain for 15 minutes for good results.
c) Take some minutes leaves and wash it thoroughly and grind with any flur to get a paste consistency apply on face at least thrice a week, your pimples will get cleared off soon and face will get a natural glowing.
d) Take one teaspoon of honey and half a teaspoon of cinnamon mix well and keep in the fridge for a night use it the next day and wash after 15 minutes that will removes pimples really fast.
e) Take one cup of curd and one egg and then mix well then apply in your face wait for one hour… after one hour washout the face…and then the face will be shiny…do once in a week at 4 times…the spot will be disappear.
f) Take half a piece of tomato, smash it and apply on your face, you will see a miracle change on your face. If you try  at least once in a week u will become fair.
g) Apply not boiled (Fresh)Milk And Apply a pinch of salt and wash it after 2 minutes, please apply on eyes u will see the Difference its even good for removing blackheads

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