Mehndi used in several occasions

Mehndi used in several occasions1

Mehndi is used in several occasions such as the marriages; none of the Indian wedding is complete with put it. The stunning mehndi designs are must for every wedding ceremony. Though, the styles of mehndi design do differ with the different regions they are used in the most popular types of mehndi design includes the Indian, Pakistani, African as well as Arabic mehndi. Application of henna is also gaining popularity in the west; more and more people are realizing the beauty of the graceful mehndi pattern.

Indian mehndi designs are known for the big dot and figure on the palm center. In Indian designs the finger tips are usually colored completely with the mehndi.
The Arabic mehndi design is well known as the less detailing designs, even though the colors are very dark. Most of the Arabic designs include leaves, vines as well as beautiful flowers to name few.
Pakistani mehndi designs is the most detailed one therefore the application of the Pakistani mehndi is a bit time taking.
African mehndi designs are very rarely used for mehndi application. It includes the geometric figures and dots.
The mehndi ceremonies in the Indian wedding mostly involve in the pre-wedding rituals.

Written by Abdul(APS).

Mehndi Designs

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