Mehndi Designs for hands 2011-2012

Mehndi designs on one’s hands help one’s hands to look more gorgeous and beautiful. The top famous and popular mehndi designs include Indian Mehndi, Pakistani Mehndi, Arabic Mehndi.  Mehndi designs look very beautiful and can be easily applied on one’s hands. Mehndi designs include floral designs, leaves pattern, flowers, and many more. For more fabulous look, you can put some glitter on your mehndi design. This is well known as shimmering mehndi. Below are some beautiful and stylish designs of mehndi for 2012.Mehndi designs for hands

Then it is applied on the hands as well as feet. There are present many designs of the henna which is applied on the hands and feet. Indian Mehndi Hand Designs are famous by their designs and their patterns and these are consist in some floral, leaves and other are petal of the flowers are present. Many different designs are applied on full hand, half hand and some are simply very small and some are very heavy designs. Many different designs are present in the market and easily available.Mehndi designs for hands

There are present many designs and patterns are present for hands as well as for hands. In throughout the world, Arabian, Indian and Pakistani Mehndi designs for hands gets huge popularity and are well known by their style and attraction. Many girls and women now in the world wants their hands intricate with Arabian style mehndi and loved to paste these styles of henna.Mehndi designs for hands

These  Mehndi Hand Designs are very famous in Pakistan and India. Every new bride wants to applied these Arabian styles mehndi .

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