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Mehndi body Art Fashion

Mehndi body Art Fashion1

Mehndi body Art Fashion
Ever went to an Indian or Pakistani wedding ceremony and marveled at his beauty of the mehndi body art mehndi body art designs and artworks on the hands and the feet of the bride? For those that are not sure of what these are, the artworks are called, and they are prepared using mehndi (usually natural mehndi) which originates from the leaves of the mehndi plant. Another name for the mehndi plant is the cypress flower plant, and the word henna itself comes from the Arabic word of henna. 
There are several different types of mehndi body art available, for instance Indian mehndi, Pakistani mehndi body art and Arabic mehndi body art to name three. It is believed that the art of applying mehndi on body parts has been in existence for more than 5000 years, though there is not much proof to back this claim. There are historians that believe that the Mughals brought this art to India, but there are also others that believe that the art actually originated in India itself. Written by Abdul(APS)

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