How to create your own Mehndi designs

How to creat your own Mehndi designs-Henna is a flowering plant used as a dye since ancient times. when it is applied on the skin, as a form of temporary beautification, as Is done in the Indian subcontinent and by expatriate communities from these areas, it is called Mehndi. Mehndi decorations becme well-liked in the west in the late 1990’s,where they are often called henna tattoos even though mehndi does not involve permanent insertion of pigment underneath the skin.


When mehndi is done in the west, no ritual is involved as in the Indian subcontinent. There are no guidelines or rules on what one can or can not do. The goal is art or just to have fun. Before applying the henna, it is best to have a design in mind. The easiest method is to buy pre-made stencils over which a brush can be used to apply the henna. The end result will not be as complete as a design done be hand. There are many places on the internet to find


A good way to create henna patterns is by using henna cones which you can roll yourself. Henna cones are great applicators of henna because it is possible to make very delicate bridal mehndi design with extreme detail. Be knowledgeable that cones can be untidy and that many favor to use toothpicks or other tools.





Mehndi Designs

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