Henna Mehndi Design Weddings

This is why wedding mehndi designs are becoming more popular every other day. With the growing Wedding mehndi design in recent years, mehndi henna designs are gaining popularity in many other countries besides the native cultures.Henna designs for weddings  played an very important role in Mehndi designs and mehndi fashion. Mehndi Pattern tell how much the hands are looking so nice and very beautiful.Henna Mehndi Design Weddings

Mehndi is the application of henna as a temporary form of skin decoration in Eastern countries as well as Western countries, as well as by expatriate communities from the world. The word mehndi is derived from the Sanskrit word mendhik?. The use of mehndi and turmeric is described in the earliest Vedic ritual books.Henna Mehndi Design Weddings

Haldi(Staining oneself with turmeric paste) as well as mehndi are important Vedic customs as a symbolic representation of the Outer and the Inner Sun. Vedic customs are meant to awaken the “inner light and so the gold of the inner Sun has an important symbolic function.Henna Mehndi Design Weddings

Henna designs for weddings are present in various ranges and easily available in the markets. In the modern age, usually people buy ready made Henna cones, which are ready to use and make painting easy. However, in rural areas in India, women grind fresh henna leaves on sil (grinding stone) with added oil, which though not as refined as professionally prepared henna cones, brings much darker colors.

Mehndi Designs

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