Henna Magic

Henna Magic1

More than just a beautiful form of self-expression for millennia, the art of henna body decoration has been used by cultures around the world for magical protection, blessings, celebrations, luck, and love. In this unique book, Philippa Faulks guides you step by step in the creation of magical henna art. Learn to mix henna paste and apply your design, select powerful symbols and the best places for them on the body, and blend in oils and herbs to boost your magic’s potency. You’ll also find dozens of ready-made henna designs and spells for love, passion, friendship, healing, prosperity, and more, plus correspondences to help you craft your own spells. Includes illustrations and a full-color photo insert.
More than 160 lovely designs, adapted from authentic images used in the very old art of henna body painting, incorporate scores of lovely patterns (largely Indian). Used to cover hands, forearms, and feet during the celebration of weddings, births, and other traditional occasions, the designs include fine line, lacy, and paisley motifs, as well as assorted floral borders, heart-shaped insets, and repeat patterns featuring abstracts and woven tendrils. Of value to artists, designers, and anyone interested in Indian

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