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Henna drums

Henna drums1

During the 20th century, henna drums were used by women of North Africa and Middle East. At that time women were used to play frame drums, dumbest, and riqs (tambourines) in different festivals, parties and weddings. They often patterned their drums’ heads with as they pattern their skin! Those drums were called henna drums.
The drums heads are made of goat skin or leather so applying henna is easy on them. While other paints may injure the skin. Since henna paste is made up of natural ingredient so they are safe to apply on drums. Its color will not interfere sound either. But remember; don’t add essential oils while making your henna paste as they may damage its skin.
The method of applying henna is same as you apply it on your hand. You need an untreated goatskin drum as treated drums will not be able to take the color of henna. You can tell that either drum is natural or treated by touching the skin. If it’s smooth then it’s treated but if it’s irregular then it’s untreated.
Make henna paste by addition henna powder with lemon. Let it set for 6-10 hours. fresh your drum properly before applying henna paste on it.

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