Eid Collection 2012-2013 Mehndi Designs for Hand

Celebrations are one of the most beautiful and memorable time when people get together and have fun jointly. Every region and religion has their distinct celebrations which enable the people to forget the regrets and get closer to each other.Eid Collection 2012-2013 Mehndi Designs for Hand

One such celebration in Muslim states including Pakistan is Eid. The Eid day is celebrated across the globe where Muslim live with religious reverence as per the Islamic values and local culture.Eid Collection 2012-2013 Mehndi Designs for Hand1

Women prepare special dresses for the Eid day and pair them up with matching jewelry. Moreover, they wear complementing makeup to enhance their personality and look more gorgeous and glamorous.

When we speak particularly of Eid fashion trends, one thing besides special outfit with matching jewelry and makeup is Mehndi. On Eid day, women, teens and young girls decorate their hands with mehndi paste to enhance their charm.

Creating different captivating and elegant designs with mehndi is an art and the culture of accentuating different body parts with Mehndi is popular mostly in South Asian and Middle Eastern states India, Pakistan, Arab, Dubai etc.Eid Collection 2012-2013 Mehndi Designs for Hand2

There are different sorts of Mehndi designs to go with different occasions like Eid, part, wedding or any other special event. In this post we are sharing with you some beautiful and striking Eid Mehndi Designs for Hands so as to make this special day even special for you. Check out the design; you’ll surely gonna love the designs and will get them drawn on you hands on the next Eid day!!!

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