Bangles Chooriyan Collection For Eid 2012

Bangles are the part of Pakistani Tradation.Bangles are very important specially on the occasion of the eid.Although the preparations of Eid have reached at climax but still the shopping of  bangles is worth seeing and expected to continue till “chand raat”.Bangles Chooriyan Collection For Eid

When an any event or ocassion is coming,every women is seem to be very busy to decide dresses,jewellery and footwears for her whole family members.It is too much difficult to choose a perfect dress for event secondly a pair of best bangles that matches with the dress.Bangles Chooriyan Collection For Eid

Bangle is an ornamental jewelry worn around the wrist, this is a round shaped (mostly but some bangles may be triangular or square) worn usually on special occasion. This trend is most common in South Asia especially in India and Pakistan. Bangle is the main fashion for festivals of Pakistan and India like Eid, for Muslims and Diwali for Hindus.Bangles Chooriyan Collection For Eid

Bangle is a traditional fashion; this is actually a fashion only for women. In ancient era, men and women used to wear bangles as their traditional fashion. But now this fashion is only confined to women only. Some people consider it as a symbolic fashion, i.e. Bangles are the symbol of matrimony, On the occasion of marriage, and Bangles have their own unique value.

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